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Inventory & Monitoring (I&M)

NPS biologists at an alpine vegetation sampling plot in Rocky Mountain National Park Ozone sampling at Stones River National Battlefield Marine biologist Bob Waara performing underwater sampling at Dry Tortugas National Park NPS drip-torch fire team at work during a prescribed burn operation at Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site Fish biologists netting fish at Ebey's Landing National Historic Reserve Airplanes and snowmobile used for moose sampling effort at Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve

Inventory & Monitoring in Parks

National Park managers across the country are confronted with complex and challenging issues that require a broad-based understanding about the status and trends of park natural resources.

As part of the National Park Service's efforts to improve park management through the greater reliance on scientific knowledge, the Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) Program collects, organizes, analyzes, and synthesizes natural resource data and information, and provides the results in a variety of useful formats. More »»

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National Capital Region Network
Water Quality Visualizer

National Capital Region Network Water Quality Visualizer

The visualizer presents the results of long-term monitoring of streams in NCRN parks. Graphs display 2005-2013 monitoring data...
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Vegetation Inventory Products Page

NPS Vegetation Inventory Products page

See all vegetation inventory products by park.

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The Sonoran Desert Network (SODN)
Facebook Page Facebook logo

SODN Facebook Page

Follow researchers in Sonoran Desert Network parks as they collect, analyze, and report on long-term natural resource data to inform National Park Service decisionmaking.
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