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Inventory & Monitoring (I&M)

NPS is transforming the way park resource information is managed and delivered to parks, partners, and the public. IRMA (Integrated Resource Management Applications) is the name given to the project that has guided this transformation, and to the web portal that is its end result.

IRMA is a portfolio of tools and applications, and the beginnings of a "one-stop" for data and information on park-related resources.

From IRMA you can search for, view, and download documents, reports, publications, data sets, and park species lists. You can get information on park visitor numbers, park projects, and apply for a park research permit. Park staff can navigate to certain internal systems related to park management.

IRMA Screenshot

IRMA Project Documentation

More Information

Email Margaret Beer, Inventory & Monitoring Data Manager - ph: (970) 267-2168 or send an email to Email IRMA

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