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Application/Database Description
NPS Data Store The Data Store, which is part of the IRMA data system, is used for describing, storing, and sharing all types of information pertinent to park resource management (including natural, cultural, and historic resources). Material in the Data Store includes reports, publications, gray literature, geospatial and tabular data sets, photographs, map, and other types of digital files. More »»
NPSpecies NPSpecies, which is part of the IRMA data system, is used to store, manage, and discover information on species on National Park Service lands. Download fact sheet.
Natural Resource Database Template NRDT is a core database structure that can be adapted by parks and networks to accommodate specific inventory or monitoring sampling protocols. Empty MS-Access data tables can be downloaded, or the data structure can be used in other software applications. NRDT is the recommended format for databases developed to manage vital signs monitoring data. More »»
Protocol Tracking Search Tool The Protocol Tracking Search Tool makes available sampling protocols that have been developed by I&M networks, or that are widely used by other programs or agencies. More »»
Inventory Tracking The Inventory and Monitoring Program has provided guidance, funding, and technical assistance for parks to complete a set of 12 "basic" natural resource inventories. Part of the IRMA data system, Inventory Tracking allows you to select and view the status and products of inventories either by park, or by inventory. More »»
NPStoret To facilitate archiving I&M network water quality monitoring data in STORET, a series of MS Access-based templates, patterned after the Natural Resource Database Template, was developed. Using these templates, network staff can enter their water quality data in a STORET-compatible format. More »»
NPS Metadata Tools and Editor A custom software app for creating or editing FGDC-compliant metadata. This tool extends the basic functionality of ArcCatalog and can be used either (1) as an extension within ArcCatalog versions 8.3/ 9.x or (2) as a standalone desktop interface. The application is intended to be the primary editor for metadata that will be uploaded to the NPS Data Store. The NPS Metadata Tools and Editor produces XML metadata based on the NPS Metadata Profile. More »»
Research Permit and Reporting System (RPRS) Permits are required for anyone conducting on-the-ground research in a parks. RPRS is a web-based application used by researchers, park staff, and the public for completing and tracking the steps of requesting and issuing research permits, and reporting on research accomplishments (via the IAR - Investigator's Annual Report). More »»

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