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Area by landowner in the Western US Land cover area by category (Anderson Level II) in the Southeastern US Forest density in Cuyahoga National Park and surrounding region Forest landscape pattern in the Southeastern US Protected areas surrounded by housing density along the front range of Colorado Total human population by Census block-group in the local area surrounding Saguaro National Park Weighted road density in the Great Lakes region of the US and Canada

About NPScape

NPScape is a landscape dynamics monitoring project that provides landscape-level data, tools, and evaluations for natural resource management, planning, and interpretation. The target audience for NPScape spans the range from GIS specialists who will benefit from the geospatial products, to ecologists and natural resource specialists who will be interested in the landscape metrics presented in a local and regional context, to park superintendents and other land managers who can incorporate the maps and graphics into reports or briefings.


NPScape Metric Viewer
(Interactive Map)

NPScape Map Viewer

The NPScape metric viewer provides a user-friendly, interactive map that allows non-GIS specialists to explore NPScape GIS data.
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Case Study: Climate Change in National Parks

Climate Change in National Parks

Climate Exposure of US National Parks in a New Era of Change (Monahan and Fisichelli 2014).
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State of The Park Reports

State of the Parks Webpage

The mission of the National Park Service is to preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of national parks for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.
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Saguaro National Park
Housing Density (Map Movie)

Saguaro National Park Population Density Movie

Movie shows historic housing density at Saguaro National Park since 1970, to the present, and projected to the year 2100.
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