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Data Management

Data and Information management is at the core of the Inventory and Monitoring Program. I&M's approach to data management is comprehensive, disciplined, and long-term. I&M data management tools and systems are designed for:

  • Quality: Minimize, identify, and correct errors at every stage of the data life cycle
  • Security: Maintain data in environments that protect against loss
  • Longevity: Ensure migration of data to current standards, and accompany all data with comprehensive documentation
  • Accessibility: Provide data in multiple formats to a range of end users, from park managers, to researchers, to the public.

Data Management Plans

National I&M Data Management Plan icon National I&M Data Management Plan

Arctic Network Data Management Plan icon Arctic Network Data Management Plan

National Inventory and Monitoring Websites

National I&M Data Management Website

National I&M Data Management Intranet ( NPS Only)

Publications and Datasets

Integrated Resource Management Applications (IRMA) Portal   Integrated Resource Management Applications (IRMA)

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Alaska Data Integration Working Group

The Alaska Data Integration Working Group (ADIwg) was formed to examine and address the technical barriers to efficiently integrate and share data within and among participating organizations.

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