Janus GridEX: Load a GridEX combo box with values

Platform:Janus GridEX
Task:Load a GridEX combo box with values
Stupidly, this needs to be done via tedious code. Set the column's HasValues to True in the designer and then load in the values as below.
        Dim AircraftTypeValueListItemCollection As Janus.Windows.GridEX.GridEXValueListItemCollection
        AircraftTypeValueListItemCollection = Me.SurveyTypeGridEX.Tables("SurveyType").ChildTables("SurveyGroups").ChildTables("Surveys").Columns("AircraftType").ValueList
        With AircraftTypeValueListItemCollection
            .Add(1, "Cessna 185")
            .Add(2, "Husky")
        End With
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