Microsoft Access: Import data from a dbf

Platform:Microsoft Access
Task:Import data from a dbf
One way to import data into an Access database from a dbf using DoCmd.TransferDatabase.
'imports a dbf into the database as a table.
'example: ImportDbf "C:\temp","MyFile.dbf","MySurveyID"
Public Sub ImportWaypointsFromDNRGarminShapefile(DBFFilePath As String, DBFFileName As String, SurveyID As String)
    On Error GoTo Error:

    '!@%$^ing access won't import a filename longer than 8 characters, make a copy of it, name the copy zzz.dbf and import that, then delete it
    Dim DbfFile As String
    DbfFile = DBFFilePath & "\" & DBFFileName
    Dim CopyOfDbfFileName As String
    Dim CopyOfDbfFilePath As String
    CopyOfDbfFileName = "zzzzzzzz.dbf"
    CopyOfDbfFilePath = DBFFilePath & "\" & CopyOfDbfFileName
    Dim TemporaryAccessTableName As String
    TemporaryAccessTableName = "Z_TemporaryImportedWaypointsTable"
    'this sub generates a temporary table to store data from the dbf
    'just for good housekeeping try to delete it first in case it didn't get nuked on exit last run
    'fails gracefully if the table doesn't exist
    DropAccessTable (TemporaryAccessTableName)
    'make sure the file exists then copy it to TempDBFFileName
    If (FileOrDirExists(DbfFile) = True) Then
        'make a copy of the .dbf file
        FileCopy DbfFile, CopyOfDbfFilePath
        'import the copied dbf file into a temporary access table
         DoCmd.TransferDatabase acImport, "dbase IV", DBFFilePath, acTable, CopyOfDbfFileName, TemporaryAccessTableName

        'kill the temporary .dbf file
        Kill CopyOfDbfFilePath
        'get the imported points into a recordset
        Dim Sql As String
        Dim RS As ADODB.Recordset
        Sql = "SELECT * FROM " & TemporaryAccessTableName
        Set RS = New ADODB.Recordset
        RS.Open Sql, CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenKeyset, adLockReadOnly
        'loop through the records and insert them
        Do While Not (RS.EOF)
            Dim WaypointTime As Date
            WaypointTime = CDate(Replace(RS!Time, "-", " ")) 'the replace business is because DNRGarmin sticks a dash in the date that blows up the conversion from date to string
            Dim InsertQuery As String
            Dim Lat As Double
            Lat = RS!Lat
            Dim Lon As Double
            Lon = RS!Long
            Dim Ident As String
            Ident = RS!Ident
            InsertQuery = "INSERT INTO Locations(SurveyID,LocationName,Type,CaptureDate,Lat,Lon,PointFilename) " & _
            "VALUES('" & SurveyID & "','" & Ident & "','Waypoint','" & WaypointTime & "'," & Lat & "," & Lon & ",'" & GetFilenameFromPath(DbfFile) & "');"
            Debug.Print InsertQuery & vbNewLine
            'RunSQL InsertQuery
    End If
      'now get rid of the temporary access table
    DropAccessTable (TemporaryAccessTableName)
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Description
End Sub

'drops a table from the database, usually a temporary table
Public Sub DropAccessTable(Tablename As String)
        On Error Resume Next
        DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, Tablename
End Sub
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