Heartland Network

Inventory and Monitoring Program

The Heartland Inventory and Monitoring Network (HTLN) is part of the nationwide Inventory & Monitoring (I&M) program of the National Park Service (NPS).  The NPS has organized its parks with significant natural resources into 32 Inventory and Monitoring Networks.  The HTLN serves 15 National Park Service (NPS) units in eight Midwestern states.  The network covers a large geographic region from Ohio to Kansas and Minnesota to Arkansas with park sizes ranging from 65 ha (160 ac) to 38,757 ha (95,730 ac).  These parks contain a wide variety of natural and cultural resources including sites focused on commemorating civil war battlefields, Native American heritage, westward expansion, and our U.S. Presidents.  Multiple ecosystems are represented across the parks including rivers, lakes, springs, prairies, wetlands, and forests.  The Network is charged with creating inventories of its species and natural features as well as monitoring trends and issues.  Critical inventories help park managers understand the natural resources in their care while monitoring programs help them understand meaningful change in natural systems and to respond accordingly.  The Heartland Network helps to protect the habitat of our heritage.

The mission of the Heartland Network is to collaboratively develop and conduct scientifically credible inventories and long-term monitoring of park “vital signs” and to distribute this information for use by park staff, partners, and the public, thereby promoting sound decision making informed by science in the preservation of the natural and cultural resources held in trust by the National Park Service.

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