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View of Crater Lake from the Cleetwood Trail The last eruption of Lassen Peak took place in 1915 Bumpass Hell hydrothermal area at Lassen Volcanic NP Lake habitat monitoring at Lassen Volcanic NP Volunteers conduct rare plant surveys on Lassen Peak Bufflehead duck at Lassen Volcanic NP Whitebark pine trees infested with blister rust Cave cricket at Oregon Caves National Monument Tidepool at Redwood National and State Parks Raven (Corvus corax) Townsend big-eared bat colony at Lavabeds NM Tide pool at Redwood National & State Parks Looking up through redwood trees at Redwood NSP

The Klamath Network (KLMN) consists of six national park units located in northern California and southern Oregon.

KLMN parks encompass an astounding array of habitats, including lagoons, dunes,rocky intertidal zones along the Pacific shore, wet coastal forests, subalpine forests, meadows, and lakes, alpine environments, and semiarid sagebrush steppe.

This site provides access to study results, data, and related analysis about the natural resources investigated by the KLMN network, its parks, and research and land management partners. Park managers use this information to make decisions about fragile park resources.

Featured Information

2014 Landbird Annual Report

KLMN 2014 Landbird Monitoring Report Cover

KLMN landbird monitoring contributes to the vital signs monitoring program. The monitoring protocol was designed to yield important information about bird communities.
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2014 Vegetation Annual Report

KLMN 2014 Vegetation Monitoring Report Cover

Vegetation ranked among the highest potential vital signs for monitoring in the Network's vital signs selection process.
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2012-2014 Whitebark Pine Monitoring Report

KLMN 2012-2014 Whitebark Pine Monitoring Report Cover

Park populations of whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis), a keystone species in subalpine zones of the Network, are being heavily impacted by a non-native disease. White pine blister rust, a fungal infection caused by the pathogen Cronartium ribicola, which affects five-needle white pines, is killing significant numbers of whitebark pine.
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Live Webcams
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Crater Lake webcam at Crater Lake NP Annie Springs entrance webcam at Crater Lake NP Steel Visitor Center webcam at Crater Lake NP Kohm Yah-mah-nee webcam at Lassen Volcano NP Manzanita Lake webcam at Lassen Volcano NP Visitor Center webcam at Lava Beds NM

Monitoring Vegetation in the Klamath Network Parks

Monitoring Landbirds in the Klamath Network Parks

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