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Barrel cactus
Barrel cactus

The Mojave Desert Network (MOJN) is one of 32 vital signs monitoring networks across the NPS. The majority of network parks are within the Great Basin-Mojave Desert region, which forms a broad wedge between the Sierra Nevada, the Transverse ranges, the Southern Rocky Mountains, and the Columbia and Colorado plateaus. MOJN is comprised of seven units: Death Valley National Park, Great Basin National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Manzanar National Historic Site, Mojave National Preserve, and Parashant National Monument.

Biological diversity across the network is concentrated primarily in riparian habitats (e.g. springs, oases, stream corridors), montane islands, and specialized habitats (e.g. sand dunes). The network parks contain a variety of regionally, nationally, and globally significant resources. Network parks are often characterized by significant topographic relief and elevation gradients. These elevation gradients influence temperature regimes (though the interaction of air density, solar radiation, precipitation, and slope), soil development and ultimately the distribution of plant and animal communities across the region.

Featured Information

Mojave Desert I&M Network Newsletter
The Oasis, Spring 2014

The Oasis Cover

The MOJN I&M Network Newsletter, The Oasis, is published biannually and aimed at providing information about current and upcoming MOJN I&M projects and field activities, featured articles from the parks, the network, and our cooperators, as well as news about park projects to all park staff within the Mojave Desert Network.
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Inventory of vascular plants at Mojave National Preserve and Manzanar Historic Site

Vascular plant survey report cover

This report summarizes the findings of vascular plant surveys taken between 2002 and 2006. Over 900 plant taxa were observed, and 85 new taxa were discovered at the parks.
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Acidification Effects from Atmospheric Sulfur and Nitrogen Deposition to MOJN Parks

Acidification effects report cover

Evaluation of the sensitivity of acidification effects from atmospheric sulfur and nitrogen deposition to Mojave Desert Network parks.
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