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Data Mining

The Mojave Desert Network provided additional natural resource background information for the network parks via data mining activities.

A number of the I&M Inventories required data mining, therefore the network supported 4 years of data mining across the network of parks. There are three primary goals of the data mining efforts. The initial purpose was to collect reference evidence of all vascular plant and vertebrate species believed to occur within each park. The second goal of data mining was to capture information relevant to the remaining 10 basic inventories. The third purpose of the data mining was to catalog data relating to natural resources within or in the vicinity of each park. This information will be useful in developing the monitoring plans for the parks.

The Mojave Desert Network has completed the four years of data mining activities. The Data Mining Team (DMT) has compiled the annual fiscal year activities and results into a series of reports that are now available for review on the MOJN Data Management Intranet (NPS only).

The network followed the protocols for data mining developed by the Klamath Network; that discusses the role, techniques, and priorities of data mining within a network for the initial Phase I activities (Klamath Network Phase I Data Mining Protocol, KBAM!). These activities focus predominately on the finding, evaluating, and cataloging of reference materials to enhance the evidence records for vascular plants and vertebrates within the I&M NPSpecies online application tool. The network also inventored all reference materials related to the natural resources and invertebrate and non-vascular plants in our network parks (Klamath Network Phase II Data Mining Protocol).

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