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South Fork Quantico Creek
South Fork Quantico Creek

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Location of Prince William Forest Park in the National Capital Region Network. Click for larger image.

As part of a region-wide effort, the National Capital Region Network (NCRN) monitors resources in the natural areas of Prince William. One of the biggest efforts is the monitoring of forest vegetation in 145 plots spread throughout Prince William's forests. In all plots, trees, shrubs, vines, and herbs are identified to group or species, measured, and labeled and are checked for diseases, pests, and evidence of deer browse. Special note is made of both rare and invasive plant species.

The NCRN also monitors water quality on a monthly basis in 9 streams including: Boneyard Run, Carters Run, Mary Bird Branch, Mawavi Run, South Fork Quantico Creek, North Fork Quantico Creek, Orenda Run, Sow Run, and Taylor Run. We assess water quality using: pH, dissolved oxygen, water temperature, acid neutralizing capacity, salinity/specific conductance, nitrate, total phosphorus. We measure stream width, depth, flow, and discharge. The NCRN also monitors benthic macroinvertebrates, fish, and stream physical habitat condition.

Birds are monitored twice each year at 132 plots.

For more Information contact: Megan Nortrup

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