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Compass in the Mountains
ROMN employees determine the placement of a monitoring plot on an unnamed peak in Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

The goal of the Rocky Mountain Network Inventory and Monitoring Program is to provide useful scientific information about the status and trends of park natural resources. A comprehensive data management system is essential to achieving this goal, particularly for long-term projects that will span decades.

I&M network and national data management systems are established with the following objectives:

  • Quality: Procedures are established to identify and minimize errors at each stage of the data lifecycle.
  • Security: Data are maintained in environments that protect against loss, either due to electronic failure or poor storage conditions.
  • Longevity: While proper storage conditions, backups, and migration of data sets to current platforms and software standards are basic components of data longevity, comprehensive data documentation is equally important.
  • Availability: A primary responsibility of the Inventory and Monitoring Program is to ensure that data are available for decision-making, research, and education.

ROMN Data and Information Management Plan

Integrated Resources Management Applications Portal (IRMA)

Inventory and Monitoring Program

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