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Freshwater Water Quality Monitoring

Parks monitored: Glacier Bay, Klondike Gold Rush, Sitka

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Freshwater Quality

Hourly measurements of water parameters are recorded during ice-free periods in selected park rivers. Parameters include temperature, pH, conductance, and dissolved oxygen. Any glacially-affected rivers also have turbidity measured. All original data, reports, and related materials are available for download here. Monitoring coverage began in spring 2010.

SEAN designed its long-term freshwater water quality monitoring program to fulfill these objectives:

  • Track the status and trends of each core water quality parameter.
  • Describe the timing and magnitude of seasonal and annual variation of each core water quality parameter.
  • Evaluate whether state and/or federal water quality standards are met or exceeded.

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Deliverables Produced for this Vital Sign

The following information products are maintained by this monitoring program. Full details are available in chapter 4 of the monitoring protocols.

FQ_A Protocol document defining the freshwater water quality monitoring program (under the Program tab).
FQ_B Data availability matrix documenting times and locations of observations.
FQ_C Site visit worksheets documenting field actions taken such as calibration activities.
FQ_D Maintenance service record details for sondes.
FQ_E Sonde raw data output in proprietary YSI RC-6000 "DAT" form.
FQ_F Database containing cumulative final certified data.
FQ_G Annual report summarizing operations and data (under the Reports & Analyses tab).
FQ_H Five-year analysis reviewing trends and regional comparisons in the collected parameters (under the Reports & Analyses tab).
FQ_I Storet repository submission as provided to EPA through NPS Water Resouces Division.
FQ_J The cumulative season's collection of sonde output in ASCII CSV format with duplicate readings removed, data adjustments applied, and quality flags assigned (accessed by querying FQ_F).
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