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Parks monitored: Glacier Bay, Klondike Gold Rush, Sitka

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SEAN's long-term Streamflow monitoring program is partially operational and partially under development. It is intended to fulfill these objectives:

  • Measure and monitor streamflow for the Indian River, relative to the ability of the park-managed portion to provide adequate in-stream flow to support aquatic life and maintain ADF&G’s in-stream flow reservations for anadromous fish spawning, incubation, and rearing.
  • Continue to monitor streamflow in the Taiya River near Skagway to establish current conditions of seasonal and annual flow patterns.
  • Identify and quantify long-term changes or trends in the annual and seasonal patterns of freshwater discharge in the Indian, Taiya, and Salmon Rivers.
  • Determine trends in chemical loads using accompanying water quality data collected under co-located monitoring of physicochemical water quality.

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