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Support Office Federal Staff

Name Phone Number Position
Kirsten Gallo 970.267.7153 I&M Division Chief
Marianne Tucker 970.225.3589 I&M Deputy Division Chief
Joe DeVivo 970.267.2189 I&M Deputy Chief for Science
Margaret Beer 970.267.2168 Communication Specialist
Tammy Cook 970.267.7201 Vegetation Inventory Program Biologist and Project Manager
Derrick Dardano 970.225.3570 Senior IT Specialist
Kathy Dratch 970.267.2125 Business Analyst
Fagan Johnson 970.267.2190 Web and Publication Specialist
Simon Kingston 970.225.3551 Data Manager
Alison Loar 970.267.2112 Data Manager
Alison Mims 970.363.4554 Communication Specialist
Lisa Nelson 970.267.2119 Senior GIS Analyst
Tom Philippi 619.523.4576 Quantitative Ecologist
Mike Story 303.969.2746 Remote Sensing Specialist

I&M Regional Program Managers

Name Phone Number Position
Michael Bozek 303.987.6706 Intermountain Region
Geoff Sanders 202.342.1443 National Capital Region (Acting)
Brian. Mitchell 404.507.5820 Southeast Region
Jim Comiskey 540.654.5328 Northeast Region
Lisa Garrett 208.874.7628 Pacific West Region
Carmen Thomson 402.661.1876 Midwest Region
Jim Lawler 907.644.3699 Alaska Region

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