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Data Management

Sampling and recording forest vegetation information at Grand Canyon National Park Getting started with sampling and data collection at San Juan Island in Channel Islands National Park NPS employee checking and recording streamflow gauge information at Acadia National Park Northern Colorado Plateau Network employee entering biological sampling data into a computer while in the field

Data and Information management is at the core of the Inventory and Monitoring Program. I&M's approach to data management is comprehensive, disciplined, and long-term. I&M data management tools and systems are designed for:

  • Data Quality: — minimize, identify, and correct errors at every stage of the data life cycle
  • Data Security: — maintain data in environments that protect against loss
  • Data Longevity — ensure migration of data to current standards, and accompany all data with comprehensive documentation
  • Data Accessibility — provide data in multiple formats to a range of end users, from park managers, to researchers, to the public.

Data Management Features

National Capital Region Network
Water Quality Visualizer

National Capital Region Network Water Quality Visualizer

The visualizer presents the results of long-term monitoring of streams in NCRN parks. Graphs display 2005-2013 monitoring data...
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IRMA Data System

IRMA Data System

The IRMA data system is an internet-based tool being developed for managing and finding scientific data and information about NPS natural and cultural resources. IRMA encompasses data, reports and other documents, maps, images, links, species lists, and more.
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Natural Resource
Database Template

Customized Natural Resource Database Template Screen

The Natural Resource Database Template (NRDT) is a core database structure developed by I&M for managing inventory and monitoring data. It can be modified and customized to accommodate almost all types of field data collected, and includes a toolkit for building a consistent user interface.
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Virtual Learning Centers

Saguaro National Park

Virtual Learning Centers are collaborative websites that share scientific information and promote research efforts. The Learning Center for the American Southwest and the Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center are showing new ways to connect parks, science, and people.
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