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Natural Resource Database Template Example Applications

The database applications downloadable here have been provided by NPS Data Managers and Cooperators as example implementations of the NRDT. These examples are intended to serve as a starting point for developing new NRDT-based applications. Each application was developed to meet a specific need at a park or network and represents a snapshot in the application lifecycle. Significant modifications may be required before implementing an example application in a different context. The applications are provided as-is although the contact listed is available for consultation regarding the design, implementation and background of each application.

Example database applications based on the NRDT v3.x are being sought for inclusion on this Web page. If you would like to contribute an example database application, please send it to Simon Kingston via e-mail attachment.

If you have any questions or comments about the NRDT or these example applications, please feel free to contact Simon Kingston.

NRDT FAB Example Applications

The following applications were developed using the NRDT FAB. In some cases, notes are included from the application developer on what steps were taken to modify the basic FAB template to get to a completed application.

Application Notes Date Posted / Updated NRDT / FAB Version Contact Downloads/
Streamflow Database. 4/25/2007 3.1/1.0 Dave Press -Download
Upland Monitoring Database.
support for Line Point Intercept protocol and Belt Transect protocol added
3.1/Beta Russ DenBleyker -Download
Land Birds Database. Modified v.3.1 NRDT. 3/28/2007 3.1/1.0 Kristen Beaupre -Download

NRDT v3.x Example Applications

The download links below support the NRDT v3.x which makes changes to the NRDT Phase 2 core table structure and allows a broader range of primary key options than NRDT Phase 3. These changes are intended to better facilitate application development while maintaining compatibility with legacy NRDT Phase 2 applications. New NRDT applications should be developed using the latest version of the NRDT. For more information regarding the differences between the NRDT Phase 2 and NRDT v3.x follow this link to the NRDT Web page.

Application Notes Date Posted / Updated NRDT Version Contact Downloads/
Salt Marsh Vegetation and Nekton Monitoring Database. String GUID primary keys. 4/27/07 3.1 Dennis Skidds -Download
Seeps and Springs Database. Binary GUID primary keys.   3.1 Russ DenBleyker -Download
Bird VCP Database. Binary GUID primary keys.   3.1 Alan Williams -Download
Vegetation Map Accuracy Assessment - Working database. String GUID primary keys.   3.1 John Boetsch -Download

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