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Entering sampling data into a computer on a bright and sunny day in the desert
Entering sampling data into a computer on a bright and sunny day in the desert

I&M Network data management plans, which accompany network monitoring plans, provide specific guidance on how data resulting from inventory and monitoring efforts will be acquired, processed, checked, analyzed, distributed, and archived.

Plans are the result of ongoing collaboration among data managers in all 32 networks, and they reflect the contributions and expertise of many.

In 2008, a national-level data management plan was completed for Inventory & Monitoring networks. This document provides overarching objectives, guidance and recommendations that are applicable to all networks.

The Executive Summary and Table of Contents links, below, provide plan overviews. Links are also provided to the complete plans.

Network Executive Summary and Table of Contents Data Management Plan
North Coast and Cascades PDF PDF (1.2 MB)
Northeast Coastal and Barrier PDF PDF (3.5 MB)
Heartland PDF PDF (1 MB)
Sonoran Desert PDF  PDF (940 KB)
Cumberland/Piedmont PDF PDF (1.1 MB)
Central Alaska PDF PDF (1.5 MB)
National Capital PDF PDF (2.8 MB)
Northern Colorado Plateau PDF PDF (11.1 MB)
San Francisco Bay Area - PDF (1.1 MB)
Greater Yellowstone PDF PDF (2.8 MB)
Appalachian Highlands PDF PDF (1.7 MB)
Mediterranean Coast PDF PDF (1.5 MB)
Southwest Alaska PDF PDF (3.0 MB)
Southern Colorado Plateau PDF PDF (1.7 MB)
Northeast Temperate PDF PDF (1.0 MB)
Pacific Island PDF PDF (4.4 MB)
Great Lakes PDF PDF (3.0 MB)
Gulf Coast PDF PDF (4.6 MB)
Rocky Mountain PDF PDF (528 KB)
Sierra Nevada PDF PDF (3.3 MB)
Eastern Rivers and Mountains PDF PDF (3.3 MB)
Klamath PDF PDF (1.9 MB)
Arctic PDF PDF (1.0 MB)
Southeast Coast PDF PDF (2.5 MB)
Upper Columbia Basin PDF ZIP (1.6 MB)
Southern Plains PDF PDF (2.4 MB)
Southeast Alaska PDF PDF (1.8 MB)
Mid-Atlantic PDF PDF (3.8 MB)
Mojave Desert PDF PDF (1.6 MB)
Northern Great Plains PDF PDF (2.7 MB)
Chihuahuan Desert - PDF (1.0 MB)
South Florida/Caribbean PDF PDF (1.2 MB)

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