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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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Mount Rainier NLCD2006 Anderson Level 2

Geographic data and GIS technologies are fundamental components of NPS natural resource management. In particular, GIS provides the essential framework for the acquisition, analysis, synthesis, and application of inventory and monitoring data.

The I&M GIS group:

  • Manages the collection, analysis, and distribution of I&M, NPS, and related geospatial data to I&M networks, the NPS, and the public.
  • Develops, collects, and shares helpful GIS tools, extensions, and applications with I&M networks, the NPS, and the public.

I&M & Spatial Data Resources

  • IRMA Data Store - the Data Store is a web-based source for service-wide and local geospatial data. The Geospatial Topics page is a starting point for exploring GIS data sets, tools, and resources.
  • Web Mapping - the I&M GIS group supports a number of web mapping projects using various technologies, including ArcGIS Server, Silverlight, Open Layers, REST, Flex, and Javascript
  • I&M Base Cartography Inventory - the Inventory and Monitoring Program's Base Cartography Inventory has been tasked with acquiring, processing, and distributing GIS data layers that are needed for most GIS mapping and analysis projects.

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