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Click here to select and download the desired version of the DME and the user guide (hosted on the National Park Service IRMA Portal).

About the Microsoft Access Add-in

  • Separate versions available for MS Access versions 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010.
  • Automatically harvests entity (table) and attribute (field) metadata from MS Access databases, including domains
  • Allows the user to edit and review the harvested metadata and make batch edits
  • Allows the user to export metadata to a FGDC-compliant XML file
  • Exported XML can be used in the Metadata Tools & Editor either by:
    • opening the exported file to start a new metadata record or by;
    • using the exported file when updating with template to fill section 5 of an existing metadata record
  • This tool replaces the harvester functionality of the Dataset Catalog

Please direct questions, comments, and requests for new functionality to Simon Kingston.

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