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NPS Soil Tools for ArcGIS

NEW: The NPS Soil Tools are compatible with Windows 7 or ArcGIS 10.

Soil Tools 2.0 are a set of ArcGIS tools developed by the Soil Resources Inventory team to meet the emerging needs of non-soil scientists, allowing them to access and better understand the soils data that is available within the NPS. Soil Tools 2.0 can be utilized by anyone working with ArcGIS 10.0, who has downloaded service pack 5.

Soil Tools 2.0 is comprised of the MapUnit Identify Tool (the shovel) and the Pedon Identify Tool (the P). These tools are made available to the user when he/she adds the Soils Toolbar to their ArcGIS desktop after installation. The tools geospatially link soils data with a robust description of a particular map unit or pedon point by bringing together information from various resources in an interactive and user friendly manner.

The MapUnit Identify Tool can be used with any soils shapefile that the SRI has posted to the IRMA Portal. For a complete listing of these available parks and to download data visit the IRMA Portal.

Please direct questions, comments, and requests for new functionality to Pete Biggam or Judy Daniels.

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