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NPS GRE Geology-GIS Data Model Documents

The NPS Geologic Resources Evaluation (GRE) has developed a Geology-GIS Data Model for implementation in the production of digital geologic-GIS data for parks with significant natural resources.   The present GRE Geology-GIS Data Model is based upon the Environment Systems Research Institute (ESRI) personal geodatabase format for storing spatial data within a relational database management system (RDBMS).  A geodatabase stores data in point, line, polygon or table feature classes that can be grouped into feature datasets, or logical groupings of vector feature classes that share the same spatial extent.  The geodatabase has the added strength of allowing attribute validation rules, relationship classes and topological rules that maintain data integrity within and between feature classes.

GRE Geology-GIS Data Model and related documents:

GRE Geology-GIS Geodatabase (GDB) Data Model (v.1.4; .doc; 2.9 MB)
GRE GDB Data Model XML Schema, Topology Rule Files and Protocol Document (v.1.4 ; .zip)
GRE GDB digitizing XML Schema and Protocol Document (v.1.4 ; .zip)
GRE Geology-GIS Coverage/Shapefile Data Model (.pdf)
GRE Geology-GIS Coverage/Shapefile Data Model (.hlp; right-click and choose ‘Save Target As’)

The GRE Mapping Team recently presented a poster at the Digital Mapping Techniques (DMT) 2006 Workshop:

GRE DMT poster “The National Park Service – Creating Digital Geologic-GIS Data” (.zip; 18.5 MB)

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