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Joshua Tree Accuracy Assessment Data Collection
NPS staff collecting accuracy assessment data (in a Joshua Tree - creosote bush wooded shrubland) at Joshua Tree NP.

Vegetation Inventory Map Viewer

We are soliciting input from our field crews on experiences and recommendations for handheld (mobile) data collections devices (e.g., mobile mappers, PDA's, Tablet PC, etc.) as a tool for field data collection. We will be posting comments, suggestions, and reviews here as they are submitted.

Please submit your reviews to:

Karl E. Brown, Inventory Coordinator- 970/225-3591

Archer-CartoPac Field Test 2009 Review: Example from Fort Union NHS (FOUN)

March 16th, 2011: We are field testing Juniper Systems "Mesa" running a Cartopac field solution to collect vegetation PLOTS data at Bighorn Canyon NRA. Results from this field test will be posted later this year. Contact us if you need more information.

Grand Canyon Data Collection
Botanist collecting map verification data at Grand Canyon NP.(Photo taken by Kyle Christie)

April 13th, 2011: Botanist Steve Fugate from Kass Green & Associates in the field at Grand Canyon National Park (GRCA) with a new Trimble Yuma. "The Yuma has the imagery, the segments (from eCognition also now Trimble), field sampling software (written in Python for ArcGIS), and most of the ancillary data. The Yuma works beautifully. We get clear GPS signals even deep in the canyon. The battery is long lasting. On a 10 day trip into the canyon (and down the river for 4 of those days) we took along another battery and a portable solar panel. The crew was 10 days without an electrical source and the Yuma worked the entire time", says company founder and GRCA mapping PI Kass Green.

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