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Study Plans - "Gold Standard" Examples

The Study / Work plan examples represent our current "gold standard" for these sections. These were developed before the release of the 12 Step guidance document, thus while they are the current best examples, we anticipate we will have updates to these highlighted examples as new study plans are developed under the new guidance.

  1. Opening Section and Introductions:
    1. PACN network graphics, excellent global context,PACN_Global_Context_2009.pdf
    2. PACN Excellent and exhaustive park contact list,PACN_ParkContacts_2009.pdf
    3. UCBN Summary gives excellent context and budget needs, including project expenses to date,UCBN_Summary_Work_Plan2007.pdf
    4. UCBN Introduction, relevance to other projects, staffing, and timing and fiscal strategy,UCBN_Intro_Strategy_2007.pdf
  2. Study / Work plan Summary:
    1. PACN Work plan and Project Management summary, PACN_Work_Plan_ProjectMgt_2009.pdf
    2. PACN Summary of network and proposed tasks, costs, and labor, PACN_Summary_Tasks_Costs_Labor_2009.pdf
    3. PACN Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail status, plot graphics, use of map templates with black banner words and logos, unique treatment with no formal AA and minimal plot data in new types, PACN_ALKA_Trail Example_2009.pdf
    4. UCBN Summary of the Network Planning and Kick-off meeting at CRMO, UCBN_Status_CRMO KickOff_2007.pdf
    5. UCBN CRMO Planning and Kick off meeting record, UCBN_CRMO_KickOff_Meeting_Record_2006.pdf
  3. Study / Work Plan Contents:
    1. UCBN CRMO park summary of tasks 1-9, task costs, summary of legacy materials, assumptions and estimates of type counts and samples, sampling plans, mapping methods, accuracy assessment, and final product development, including who will write what pieces, UCBN_CRMO_Steps_to_Final2007.pdf
  4. Task Agreements with Collaborators:
    1. MOJN SOW with CA Native Plant Society for classification, field keys, and AA crew training across 3 parks in MOJN spanning 17 subtasks and running Aug 2009 to Aug 2014, MOJN_CNPS_SOW_070209.pdf
    2. UCBN Task agreements with Idaho Conservation Data Center for classification and field keys, UCBN_TaskAgreement_ID_DataCenter_2006.pdf
    3. PACN Task agreement proposal from NatureServe for classification and field keys across PACN, PACN_NatureServeProposal_Mar09.pdf
    4. PACN Meeting interview memorandum, existing dataset interviews with Park staffs, PACN_Park_Interview_Memo_Notes_2009.pdf
  5. References:
    1. PACN well illustrated and referenced, PACN_LiteratureCited_2009.pdf
    2. UCBN well referenced, UCBN_References2007.pdf
  6. Budget planning and timing:
    1. UCBN Timeline, acres of neighboring partners within 5 mi, available imagery, UCBN_Timeline_Partner Ac_AvailableImagery_2007.pdf
    2. UCBN budget and fiscal year time-line for UCBN park units using splits by collaborators and imagery, UCBN_Timeline_AllParks_Partners_Imagery_2007.pdf

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