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Guidance for Designing an Integrated Monitoring Program

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Monitoring macroinvertegrates at Big Hole NB
Aquatic macroinvertebrate
monitoring at Big Hole NB


This document is a compilation of guidance that was developed by the National Park Service (NPS) Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) Program and was made available through NPS websites during the period of 1999 to 2012 to the 32 I&M networks, their partners, and to other agencies and organizations. The guidance summarized here has been the basis for planning, designing, and implementing what has become a very successful long-term ecological monitoring program for more than 300 units of the National Park System.

The guidance and examples that were previously presented on a series of I&M websites was consolidated into this document in 2012 once monitoring had been implemented in all 32 I& networks, and as the I&M websites were being revised and simplified.

One of the five goals of the I&M Program is to "Share NPS accomplishments and information with other natural resource organizations and form partnerships for attaining common goals and objectives." It is hoped that the information and examples available in this document are helpful to others.

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