National Park Service

Inventory & Monitoring (I&M)

2011 George Wright Society Meeting

New Orleans, LA, March 14-18, 2011

2011 Conference Website

Inventory & Monitoring Sessions, Presentations, and Posters

Session 53, Tuesday, March 15
National Park Service Inventory & Monitoring Keynote Session

Session 67, Tuesday, March 15
Inventory and Monitoring Program: Data Analysis and Synthesis

Session 86, Tuesday, March 15
Using GIS to Evaluate Park Resources

Poster Spotlight Reception, Tuesday, March 15
Posters Presented by I&M Staff

Session 89, Wednesday, March 16
Natural Resource Information Portal: NPSpecies Workshop

Session 105, Wednesday, March 16
Electronic Field Data Collection to Improve Data Quality

Session 106, Wednesday, March 16
Assessing Vulnerability of Resources to Rapid Climate Change

Session 121, Wednesday, March 16
Applications of Vegetation Monitoring Data for Management and Planning

Session 123, Wednesday, March 16
SQL Server: Who's Using It, How, and Why

Session 140, Wednesday, March 16
Invasive Plant Early Detection Protocols

Session 157, Thursday, March 17
NPScape Landscape Dynamics Monitoring in US National Parks

Session 158, Thursday, March 17
Data Management Rapid-fire Session

Session 173, Thursday, March 17
Landscape Dynamics Monitoring Applied to Natural Resource Management in Canada and US National Parks

Session 174, Thursday, March 17
GIS Rapid-fire Session

Session 191, Thursday, March 17
Natural Resource Information Portal: Current Status, Innovative Uses, and Future Directions

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