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Example NPScape SOP

NPScape metric calculations are described in great detail in a series of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and ArcGIS scripts and tools that are available for download here.

NPScape metric processing methods require two GIS data inputs:

  1. Source data (e.g., a land cover dataset), and
  2. An area of analysis, or AOA (i.e., to formally define on a map what is meant by landscape).

Outputs include:

  1. A GIS dataset clipped to the extent of the AOA, with ArcGIS layer file for standardized symbology, and
  2. A table with corresponding metric summary statistics for the AOA.

Example NPScape Toolbox

NPScape GIS Data are derived using the source datasets listed here.

NPScape also provides a variety of ecologically informative AOAs from the links listed here.

Note: All metric processing methods are able to run on any AOA using the NPScape source data listed above. Where possible, NPScape methods have been further generalized to allow users to input their own local source data (e.g., a local source of GIS road network data). See SOPs for details.

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