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About the Alaska Region I&M Program

The Alaska Region Inventory and Monitoring (AKRO I&M) Program provides regional support and oversight to the four I&M Networks located in Alaska (Arctic Network (ARCN), Central Alaska Network (CAKN), Southeast Alaska Network (SEAN), and Southwest Alaska Network (SWAN).

Alaska Region Staff Contacts

Name Title/Position Phone Number
Jim Lawler Inventory and Monitoring Program Manager 907-644-3699
Parker Martyn Inventory Program Manager 907-644-3697
Beth Koltun Inventory Program Biologist 907-644-3698
Nina Chambers Science Communications Specialist 907-644-3695

AKRO I&M Organizational Structure

All Alaska Networks have their respective Board of Directors: made up of superintendents, the regional I&M coordinator, and regional science advisor, and; a Technical Committee made up of park resource staff and selected regional resource staff. Some members of the Technical Committee are members in more than one network, providing cross referencing and coordination. More detailed information on the Board of Directors and Technical Committee can be found in the respective network Charter.

Each Alaska Network manages its respective program. However, the Alaska Networks may share common data resources such as support from the regional office and from Alaska-based partners. Alaska Networks also share common challenges in implementation with the remote nature of the parks and are working together to find solutions.

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