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Noatak Rive Delta. Arctic Network image by NPS\Ken Hill Noatak River delta. NPS\Ken Hill image

The Inventory and Monitoring Program is a major component of the National Park Service’s strategy to improve park management through greater reliance on scientific information. The Arctic Network collects, compiles and synthesizes scientific information about national parks in northwestern Alaska in order to facilitate their preservation, unimpaired, for future generations.

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Alaskan Arctic National Parks Landscape Viewer

Alaskan Arctic National Parks Landscape Viewer

The "Alaskan National Parks Landscape Viewer" is a new interactive Internet feature that provides a birds-eye view of 5 National Parks in northern Alaska.
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National Park Service Arctic Monitoring Network Overview

The Arctic Network includes five national parks and preserves in northern Alaska and represents some of the wildest, most undisturbed areas left on earth.

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