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NPS Arctic Network Inventory & Monitoring Program
4175 Geist Rd
Fairbanks, AK
Tel: (907) 455-0600
Fax: (907) 455-0601

Network Personnel

Name Role Telephone Select Email
Adkisson, Ken Anthropologist 907.443.6104 Email Ken Adkisson
Backensto, Stacia Biotechnician 907.455.0669 Email Stacia Backensto
Barnes, Jennifer Fire Ecologist 907.455.0652 Email Jennifer Barnes
Cameron, Matthew Wildlife Biologist Email Matthew Cameron
Dudgeon, Greg Park Superintendent, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve 907.4575752 Email Greg Dudgeon
Flamme, Melanie 907.455.0627 Email Melanie Flamme
Hill, Ken Biotechnician 907 457-5752 Email Ken Hill
Joly, Kyle Wildlife Biologist 907.455.0626 Email Kyle Joly
Jones, Tahzay 907 644-3442 Email Tahzay Jones
Koelsch, Jeanette Park Superintendent, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve 907 443-6101 Email Jeanette Koelsch
Kristenson, Heidi Biotechnician 907.455.0628 Email Heidi Kristenson
Larsen, Amy Aquatic Ecologist 907.455.0622 Email Amy Larsen
Lawler, Jim Alaska Region Inventory and Monitoring Program Manager 907-644-3699 Email Jim Lawler
Lukin, Maija Superintendent, Western Arctic Parklands Email Maija Lukin
Miller, Scott Data Manager 907-799-6229 Email Scott Miller
Mizel, Jeremy Biologist 907.455.0638 Email Jeremy Mizel
Neitlich, Peter Plant Ecologist (509) 996-3917 Email Peter Neitlich
O'Donnell, Jon Aquatic Ecologist 907-644-3696 Email Jon O'Donnell
Rasic, Jeff Chief of Natural and Cultural Resources, YUGA 907-455-0632 Email Jeff Rasic
Rattenbury, Kumi Ecologist 907.455.0673 Email Kumi Rattenbury
Robison, Hillary Wildlife Biologist (907) 442-3890 Email Hillary Robison
Sorum, Mathew Wildlife Biologist Email Mathew Sorum
Sousanes, Pam Physical Scientist 907-455-0677 Email Pam Sousanes
Swanson, David Terrestrial Ecologist 907.455.0665 Email David Swanson
Wald, Eric Program Manager 907-455-0624 Email Eric Wald

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