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Natural Resource Inventories

The Inventory and Monitoring Program provides guidance, funding, and technical assistance for parks to complete a set of 12 "basic" natural resource inventories. These basic inventories are common to all parks with significant natural resources, and are intended to provide park managers with the minimum information needed to effectively manage the natural resources of their park.

List of the 12 Basic Inventories

  1. Natural Resource Bibliography
  2. Base Cartography Data
  3. Air Quality Data
  4. Air Quality Related Values
  5. Climate Inventory
  6. Geologic Resources Inventory
  7. Soil Resources Inventory
  8. Water Body Location and Classification
  9. Baseline Water Quality Data
  10. Vegetation Inventory
  11. Species Lists
  12. Species Occurrence and Distribution

Inventories Status

Inventory Tracking

More Information

More information about inventories is available on the National I&M inventories page

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