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Arctic Network is involved with monitoring the following ecosystem components.

Vital Sign Status* Implemented Project Leader
Air Quality Monitoring 2009 Eric Wald
Brown Bears In development 2009 Hillary Robison
Caribou Monitoring 2010 Kyle Joly
Climate In review 2010 Pam Sousanes
Coastal Erosion Monitoring 2009 Scott Miller
Dall's Sheep In review 2011 Kumi Rattenbury
Fire Extent and Severity In development 2010 Jennifer Barnes
Lagoon Communities and Ecosystems In development 2009 Martin Robards
Lake Communities and Ecosystems In development 2009 Jon O'Donnell
Landbird Monitoring In development 2011 Jeremy Mizel
Moose In development 1900 Mathew Sorum
Muskox In development 2011 Eric Wald
Permafrost In review 2010 David Swanson
Shallow Lakes Monitoring 2004 Amy Larsen
Snowpack Monitoring 2010 Pam Sousanes
Stream Communities and Ecosystems In development 2009 Jon O'Donnell
Terrestrial Landscape Patterns and Dynamics In review 2011 David Swanson
Terrestrial Vegetation and Soils Monitoring 2010 David Swanson
Western Yellow-billed Loons In development 2012 Melanie Flamme
Wet and Dry Deposition In development 2011 Peter Neitlich

*Status: 'Monitoring' means the protocol is written, peer reviewed and approved, 'In review' means the monitoring protocol is written but is being reviewed and is not yet approved, 'In development' means the monitoring protocol is currently still being developed, written and tested.

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