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Golden Eagles



  • Carol McIntyre

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Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, (Denali) contains one of the highest nesting density of Golden Eagles in North America (Kochert et al. 2002). Over 80 territorial pairs of Golden Eagles live in the northern foothills of the Alaska Range in Denali and the National Audubon Society designated this area as an Important Bird Area because of the high density and substantial number of nesting Golden Eagles. Monitoring the nesting territory occupancy and reproductive success of Golden Eagles is a priority of Denali’s Resource Stewardship Strategy (RSS). Golden Eagles are a Vital Sign of the Central Alaska Monitoring Network (CAKN) because they are a high trophic level predator and one of the most common aerial predators in Denali. The long-term ecological studies of Golden Eagles in Denali have provided new and essential information for the management and conservation of this species, particularly for migratory populations. Results of many aspects of Denali’s Golden Eagle studies appear in major peer-reviewed ornithological journals and the value of this long-term study extends far beyond Denali’s borders. The Denali Golden Eagle study, started in 1987, is the longest-running ecological study of a migratory population of Golden Eagles in the world, is the only contemporary study of this species in northwestern North America, and is the only study providing any current information regarding the ecology of this species at high latitudes in western North America.


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Key words: alaska, denali, density, golden eagle, long-term, monitoring, national park, nesting, occupancy, predator, reproductive success, territory

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  • Ecological Framework: Biological Integrity | Focal Species or Communities | Birds


  • Aquila chrysaetos

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