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Chihuahuan Desert Network (CHDN)

About the Chihuahuan Desert Network

CHDN is accountable to their Board of Directors and Technical Committee composed of network park superintendents and resource staff. Program guidance and oversight is provided by the Inventory and Monitoring Division of the National Park Service's Washington Office.

Mailing Address

New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM 88003

Physical Location

New Mexico State University
3655 Research Dr., Genesis Building D
Las Cruces, NM 88003

Chihuahuan Desert Network Staff Contacts

Name Title/Position
Marcia Wilson Program Manager
Cheryl McIntyre Physical Scientist
Mark Isley Data Manager
Lauren Lien Assistant Data Manager
Leslie Aills Administrative Assistant
Tani Hubbard Webmaster, Science Writer
Tim Pine Biological Technician
Jonathin Horsley Biological Technician
Megan Podolinsky Biological Technician

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