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NPS geologist working at White Sands National Monument
NPS geologist working at White Sands National Monument

Effective long-term management and stewardship of natural resources in the Chihuahuan Desert Network begins with baseline knowledge of these resources. Natural resource inventories are extensive, point-in-time efforts to determine the location or condition of resources. The primary purpose of the inventory phase of the Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) Program is to assess and document the current condition and knowledge of natural resources in the parks, providing a solid baseline for long-term monitoring and management.

Since 2002, CHDN has worked with collaborators to complete and publish 24 inventory reports covering paleontological resources, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, vegetation, soils, climate, and water quality.

Twelve (12) basic inventories are defined as part of the Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring Guidelines. The national I&M Program provides guidance, funding, and technical assistance for parks to complete a set of 12 basic natural resource inventories common to all parks with significant natural resources. These basic inventories are intended to provide park managers with the minimum information needed to effectively manage the natural resources of their parks.

12 Basic Inventories and Links to Further Information

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