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Chihuahuan Desert Network Parks

Desert View at Big Bend National Park
Desert view at Big Bend National Park

The Chihuahuan Desert Network (CHDN) encompasses 7 parks in southern New Mexico and west Texas. The NPS provides stewardship and protection for some of the most significant natural, cultural, and recreational resources in the Chihuahuan Desert. To learn about a specific park and access Chihuahuan Desert Network reports, inventories, and outreach materials about that park, choose from the photos below or from the network map.

To learn about the monitoring activities CHDN is conducting in each park, see the table below.

Network Parks

Network Park Map

CHDN park map White Sands National Monument Carlsbad Caverns National Park Guadalupe Mountains National Park Fort Davis National Historic Site Amistad National Recreation Area Big Bend National Park Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River

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Park Monitoring Protocols

Air Quality XXX
Climate XXXXXX
Dune Dynamics X
Groundwater XXXX
Invasive Plants XXXXXX
Landbirds XXXXXX
Landscape Dynamics XXXXXX
River Channel Morphology XX
Springs XXXXX
Upland Soils & Vegetation XXXXX

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