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Water quality monitoring at Abraham Lincoln NHS Wood ducks at Little River Canyon NPres Cave cricket Turkey foraging after a prescribed fire burn at Cowpens NB Great blue heron at Little River Canyon Npres Cave music room at Cumberland Gap NHP Bald eagle at Fort Donelson NB Cave crayfish at Mammoth Cave NP Rock formation at Carl Sandburg NHS Fog bank at Cumberland Gap NHP Black bear at Cumberland Gap NHP Allegheny woodrat (Neotoma magister) at nest Endangered Kentucky cave shrimp (Palaemonias ganteri) The rare Georgia Aster (Aster georgianus) at KIMO Sandhill cranes at Little River Canyon Npres Russell Cave NM

The CUPN I&M Program is one of 32 National Park Service I&M Networks across the country established to facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and economies of scale in natural resource monitoring. It is comprised of 14 national park units with diverse cultural and natural resources distributed across seven states and six different physiographic regions.

The monitoring objectives for CUPN are centered around monitoring aquatic, cave, and terrestrial ecosystems at these parks. CUPN works closely with each park's natural resources program to develop and implement long-term monitoring and provide sound scientific information to park managers.

Learn more about specific topics by exploring the links on the left or visit the park units pages to discover the particular resources found at each of these special places.

Featured Information

Published Inventory & Monitoring Reports

Cave Meteorology Report Cover

A listing of published reports concerning natural resources that are monitored and managed at Cumberland Piedmont Network parks.
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Video: Monitoring Cave Organisms

Video: Five-lined Skink

Webcam: Mammoth Cave - Green River Valley

Mammoth Cave Webcam

Click here to see a larger image, current weather, and air quality information about this location. Webcam is maintained by the NPS Air Resources Division. Photos are updated approximately every 15 minutes.

Inventory & Monitoring Resource Briefs

Cumberland Piedmont Network Resource Brief Cover

A listing of one-page briefs about the natural resources that are monitored and managed at Cumberland Piedmont Network parks.
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