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April snow at Gauley River NRA
April snow at Gauley River NRA

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Weather, Climate


Weather and climate are primary drivers of physical and ecological processes of park resources and therefore critical to park management and visitor experience.

The goal of this protocol is to utilize existing weather and climate observing networks, stations, and other existing datasets to monitor and record relevant weather elements (e.g., air temperature and precipitation). The intent is to quantify one of the drivers of network park ecosystems, identify trends in these elements, and provide reliable weather and climate data and summaries. Information will be made available to park natural resource managers and other interested parties in concise written reports and from a single, easy to use Internet-based data portal.

Monitoring Effort

all ERMN parks

Monitoring Objectives

The primary monitoring objective is to document current status and long-term trends in air temperature and precipitation at multiple temporal scales (e.g., daily, monthly, seasonal, annual, and decadal) and spatial scales (e.g., individual stations and aggregated stations such as climate divisions) utilizing existing weather and climate monitoring programs and datasets.

For more Information contact:

  • Paul Knight, Climatologist, Pennsylvania State University
  • Matt Marshall, Program Manager, Eastern Rivers and Mountains Network

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