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Great Lakes Network (GLKN)

About the Great Lakes Network

A multi-level organizational structure ensures accountability and efficiency of the GLKN program. The Network is responsible to a Board of Directors and Technical Committee composed of park superintendents and staff who participate on a rotational basis. Program guidance and oversight is provided by the Inventory & Monitoring Division of the National Park Service's Washington Office.

The Network consists of 13 permanent NPS personnel that work closely with each park's natural resources program to develop and implement long-term monitoring and provide sound scientific information to park managers.

Great Lakes Network Staff Contacts

Name Title/Position Phone Number Location
Bill Route Program Manager 715-682-0631 x221 Great Lakes Network Office
Rick Damstra Aquatic Ecologist 715-682-0631 x238 Great Lakes Network Office
David VanderMeulen Aquatic Ecologist 715-682-0631 x224 Great Lakes Network Office
Ulf Gafvert GIS Coordinator 715-682-0631 x222 Great Lakes Network Office
Kelly Garrison IT Specialist, shared with APIS 715-682-0631 x235
715-779-3398 x107
Great Lakes Network Office and Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Ted Gostomski Biologist/Science Writer 715-682-0631 x231 Great Lakes Network Office
Jessica Kirschbaum Botanist 715-682-0631 x237 Great Lakes Network Office
Mark Hart Data Manager 715-682-0631 x226 Great Lakes Network Office
Tammy Keniry Administrative Technician, shared with EPMT 715-682-0631 x225 Great Lakes Network Office
Al Kirschbaum Remote Sensing Specialist 715-682-0631 x227 Great Lakes Network Office
Rebecca Key Data Management Specialist, shared with EPMT 715-682-0631 x232 Great Lakes Network Office
Suzanne Sanders Terrestrial Ecologist 715-682-0631 x223 Great Lakes Network Office
Dan Cameron Administrative Support Clerk 715-682-0631 x 228 Great Lakes Network Office
Jamie LeDuc Biological Science Technician 218-283-6686 Voyageurs

Great Lakes Network Board of Directors and Technical Committee

The Board of Directors and the Technical Committee function in accordance with an approved charter. The Board consists of the Network program manager, the regional I&M program manager, and four of the nine park superintendents. The superintendents serve on a rotating basis. The Technical Committee consists of the Network program manager, the regional I&M program manager, and one representative, usually the resource manager, from each of the nine parks.

  • The Board makes decisions on the overall vision and permanent staffing. The Committee provides assistance and advice to the Board  and the Network Program Manager. The Committee also evaluates and prioritizes network monitoring activities, and coordinates park participation in network activities.

Great Lakes Network Office Location

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