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Saint Croix NSR weather station

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The GLKN climate monitoring protocol is currently under development.

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Climate is a primary driver of the physical and ecological processes that influence the distribution, structure, and function of ecosystems. Therefore, climate can be a driver of change in many park resources. Climate has both direct and indirect effects on park management and the visitor experience. The Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network and its partner parks identified climate as a high priority vital sign. This series of web pages and links provides parks, partners, and the public with an array of resources on weather and other climate-related data and information relative to the nine national park units in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.

Long-term Monitoring

The Great Lakes Network does not have a meteorologist on staff and will not maintain a system of weather stations. Rather, we will rely on meteorological and climate data that is already available from existing federal, state, and private programs. Our efforts will focus on making that information more readily available to the nine parks, through a web site and custom data acquisition and queries. In some cases the Network will assist with the purchase and set up of remote area weather stations (RAWS) to fill gaps in coverage.

Specifically, our objectives are to:

  • Provide web links and custom data queries for real-time and historical weather data in support of park resource management, education, and ecological monitoring programs of the Network
  • Provide consultation to Network parks and science partners on the methods of collection, quality control issues, and use of meteorological data that is available from a wide array of programs.
  • Assist parks with funding and set up of additional meteorological stations in parks that may reveal significant spatial climate variation not sampled by existing meteorological station networks

Network Park Units Monitored

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