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Greater Yellowstone Network (GRYN)

About the Greater Yellowstone Network

The GRYN I&M Program is one of 32 National Park Service I&M Networks across the country established to facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and economies of scale in natural resource monitoring. The GRYN’s monitoring program measures key indicators of ecological integrity, or “vital signs,” to inform park managers about the health of park resources and provide early detection of potential problems. GRYN is also part of the National Park Service High Elevation Climate Change Response Monitoring Program, created in 2010 to measure changes in resources as a result of climate change.

A multi-level organizational structure ensures accountability and efficiency of the GRYN I&M program. The network is responsible to a Board of Directors and Technical Committee, and program guidance and oversight is provided by the Inventory & Monitoring Division of the National Park Service's Washington Office.

Greater Yellowstone Network Staff Contacts

GRYN’s staff includes the program manager, ecologists and technicians, and a data manager. The network works collaboratively with the U.S. Geological Survey Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, Montana State University, the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative, and other partners to bring in additional technical expertise as needed.

Name Title/Position Phone Number
Kristin Legg Program Manager 406-994-7734
Rob Daley Data Manager 406-994-4124
Vacant Ecologist
Andy Ray Aquatic Ecologist 406-994-7498
Erin Shanahan Field Ecologist/Field Lead 406-581-0398
Mary Levandowski Hydrologic Technician 406-994-7530

Greater Yellowstone Network Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of park superintendents and provides guidance, oversight, and advocacy in the development and implementation of the I&M program for the park units of the network.

Greater Yellowstone Network Technical Committee

The GRYN Program Manager collaborates with the Technical Committee (park resource managers or specialists) on activities and projects for the annual work plan, works closely with GRYN staff to implement monitoring in network parks, and cooperates with scientific and technical partners. A key function of the Technical Committee is to develop and communicate alternatives for park management based on monitoring results and information.

Name Title/Position Phone Number
Sue Consolo-Murphy Chief of Resource Management, Grand Teton National Park 307-739-3481
Virginia DuBowy Chief of Resource Management, Bighorn Canyon NRA 307-548-5416
Jennifer Carpenter Chief, Yellowstone Center for Resources 307-344-2528
Michael Bozek Regional Inventory & Monitoring Program Manager 303-987-6706
Kristin Legg Program Manager 406-994-7734


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