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Alpine Vegetation & Soils Monitoring

Alpine terrain in Yellowstone National Park.
Alpine terrain in Yellowstone National Park.

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The alpine environment is the product of the interaction of extreme natural conditions, for example, high winds, low temperatures, scouring and burial by snow and ice, high incident solar radiation, thin atmosphere, and a short growing season. Adaptations of species to these conditions, such as low stature, determinant growth cycles, and specific leaf morphology, can result in tight relationships between species persistence and environmental processes (drivers and stressors). Changes in weather and climate patterns, nutrient budgets (due to atmospheric deposition), and human use impacts all have potentially critical influence on the health of alpine communities. Alpine sites in Yellowstone National Park are monitored following a protocol developed by the Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring Network based on methods from the Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments (GLORIA).

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