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Land Use in and near National Park Units

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The resources in parks and on public lands are influenced by ecological processes and land-use activities on surrounding landscapes. Examining patterns and changes in land use and land cover is an important way to understand past, current, and future trends that may affect valued resources and visitor experiences. In the Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA), most of the land is protected and managed for the public by the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service, and other federal agencies. Private lands, primarily at lower elevations, account for roughly 27% of the GYA. These lands are used for ranching, farming, are part of rural housing developments, or part of cities and towns, and some are also protected as conservation lands. Trends in population, housing, road density, and agricultural uses contribute to the information managers use in planning and decision making. Continued study of land use and landscape dynamics at multiple scales will help build a solid foundation for addressing complex issues such as climate change, wildland fire, and management of migratory wildlife.

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