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Location of Yellowstone National Park. Click for larger image.

Established by Congress in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first national park. Here, natural processes operate in an ecological context that has been less subject to human alteration than most others throughout the nation and indeed throughout the world. This makes the park not only an invaluable nature reserve, but a valuable reservoir of information about the natural world. In Yellowstone, scientists conduct research ranging from large-scale studies of landscape changes affecting the local ecosystem to studies of tiny organisms that have the potential to change the lives of people the world over. Yellowstone also has a rich history that includes an archeological record of more than 11,000 years of human use, and twenty-six American Indian tribes have officially recognized ties to Yellowstone National Park lands.

GRYN monitoring efforts in Yellowstone National Park focus on amphibians and wetlands, climate, land use, water resources, and whitebark pine. Many additional research studies and resource management activities take place in the park - to learn more please visit the park links above the map to the right.

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