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American alligator at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve Barrier Islands at Gulf Island NS Pileated woodpecker at Vicksburg National Military Park Sunrise at Padre Island NS Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve Big Thicket National Preserve American toad at Vicksburg National Military Park Mission San Juan Capistrano at San Antonio Missions NHP Pileated woodpecker at Vicksburg National Military Park Basket grass at Vicksburg National Military Park Eastern diamondback rattlesnake at Gulf Island NS Gulf Island National Seashore Marsh along Lake Salvador at Jean Lafitte NHPP Metal Ford Branch on the Natchez Trace Parkway

The Gulf Coast Network (GULN) includes eight national parks. The network's geographic area encompasses the western third of Florida, all of Mississippi and Louisiana, the southeastern quarter of Texas, and extends up through the northwest corner of Alabama into Nashville, Tennessee.

The network's habitat variation includes barrier islands/seashores, coastal fresh to brackish marshes, bottomland hardwoods, cypress-tupelogum swamps, Mississippi River alluvial floodplain and loessal bluffs, rolling hill country and pastures, and the dry scrub/grasslands of Edwards Plateau.

This site provides access to study results, data, and related analysis about the natural resources investigated by the GULN network, its parks, research and land management partners. Park managers use this information make decisions about park resources.

Featured Information

Status of Water Quality within Big Thicket National Preserve

Water Quality Report

Water quality and quantity is monitored monthly at six locations within the Preserve as directed by the GULN.
Sampling is performed at 13 sites proximal to the Preserve by the LNVA and at 6 stations in the Lower Neches River Valley by the USGS.
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Video: Monitoring Amphibians & Reptiles Across the Gulf Coast Network

Published Report:
Status of Water Quality at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve-Barataria Unit

Water Quality of San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

Water quality is monitored monthly at five locations within the Preserve by the GULN.
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