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Mediterranean Coast Network (MEDN)

Historic lighthouse at Cabrillo National Monument Sea anemonies and sea stars at Channel Islands National Park California sea lion pup at Channel Islands National Park Anacapa Island, Channel Islands National Park Underwater view of kelp forest Native plant communities View of Los Angeles from Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Ensatina (Ensatina eschscholtzii) Gopher snake in trap Boney Mountain, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Brown pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis californicus) Topanga Creek in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park Snowy plovers (Charadrius alexandrinus)

Mediterranean Coast Network

The Mediterranean Coast Network (MEDN) is one of 32 National Park Service Inventory & Monitoring (I&M) Networks that conduct natural resource inventories and monitoring for three parks along the coastal Southern California area: Cabrillo National Monument, Channel Islands National Park, and Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The mission of the MEDN I&M Program is to collaboratively develop and conduct scientifically credible inventories and long-term monitoring of fifteen park "vital signs" and to distribute this information for use by park staff, partners and the public. By routinely collecting, analyzing and reporting data on key indicators of the health of the larger ecosystem, the I&M Program promotes informed decision making by park managers.

This web site delivers information on the MEDN I&M Program. Learn more about specific vital signs by exploring the links on the left.

Featured Information

30 Years of Kelp Forest Monitoring Data is Now Available!

Channel Islands National Park's Kelp Forest Monitoring data is now available through the Ecological Archives (Ecological Society of America). These core data sets represent over 30 years and sampling data taken at 33 sites and describe the population dynamics of 16 fish, 37 invertebrate, and 15 algal taxa. The data provide one of the most comprehensive descriptions of nearshore reef community dynamics ever assembled. Click here to link to the article and data.

Data Tools

The Climate Analyzer
The Climate Analyzer creates custom graphs and tables from historical weather station data. Click here to link to The Climate Analyzer.

Vital Signs Data Summarizer
The Vital Signs Data Summarizer is a Windows desktop application designed to make a variety of graph and summary tables from large and complex datasets. Click here to get to the latest Vital Signs Data Summarizer.

Published Inventory & Monitoring Reports

Island Fox Report Cover

A listing of published reports concerning natural resources that are monitored and managed at Mediterranean Network parks.
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The 9th California Islands Symposium

8th California Islands Symposium

The 9th California Islands Symposium was held on October 3-7, 2016 in Ventura, CA. The symposia presents recent findings in science, management, and conservation on California's islands for scientists, resource managers, educators, and land managers.
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