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Natural Resource Inventories

Macroinvertebrate_sampling (FRSP)
Macroinvertebrate sampling (FRSP)

Effective long-term management and stewardship of natural resources in the Mid-Atlantic Network begins with baseline knowledge of these resources. To acquire this knowledge, an inventory program was established by the National Park Service with the goals of acquiring baseline information for a variety of resources, from bibliographic information to species occurrence and distribution.

The twelve (12) basic inventories are defined in appendix A of the Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring Guidelines (NPS-75). The inventories consist of a group of resource related baseline information that has been found to be of greatest value in the initiation of a Vital Signs Monitoring Program.

12 Basic Inventories and Links to Further Information

Inventory Reports or Other Products Completion Status
Natural Resource Bibliography Complete
Species Lists Complete
Species Status and Abundance Complete
Vegetation Inventory Complete
Base Cartography Complete
Geologic Resources Complete
Soils Resources Complete
Water Body Location and Classification
  • The National Hydrography Dataset, managed by the U.S. Geological Survey, contains surface water features for parks and can be viewed and downloaded using a variety of tools available on the NHD website.
  • National Wetland Inventory features are developed and maintained separately by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for viewing and download on the NWI Web Site.
Baseline Water Quality Complete
Air Quality Complete
Air Quality Related Values
Climate Complete

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