GPS Technical Support 

MWR GPS Equipment (NPS Only)


If you work with or for the National Park Service, you may contact the Geospatial Support office for assistance with all your GPS needs. Send an email to or contact one of the following:

Reese Hirth, Midwest GPS Coordinator

(402) 661-1790

Anthony Gareau, Midwest Geospatial Support Center Coordinator

(402) 661-1852

Kathie Hansen, Midwest Fire GIS (Garmin Assistance)

(920) 866-1767

Tim Smith, NPS GPS Coordinator
(303) 969-2086

Guides and Documents

Midwest GPS - Recommended Configurations (2007)

Washington Support Office InsideNPS GIS (NPS only)

Alaska Region GPS (NPS only) - Frequently updated information on practical use of GPS.

Trimble Gear Registration: Frequently Asked Questions  (74kb pdf)

NPS Photo Link sharepoint site  License Code Download and software guidance

Garmin GPS Tools & Tips

Transferring GPS Data with MN DNRGarmin

Geotagging Photos with GPS Photolink

2008 GPS for Fire Management & ICS course materials

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Last Modified: 05/25/2017