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How to obtain and install ArcGIS (NPS only)

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Patches and Service Packs for ArcGIS Desktop

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Trimble Product Registration - Register products and manage your install codes.
Pathfinder Office
- Support including software and update downloads.
TerraSync Professional - Support including software and update downloads.

The Midwest office has custom toolsets for metadata, raster, and geodatabase environments. Additionally, third party software such as Adobe Illustrator, Google SketchUp and Google Earth are utilized for further geospatial functionality.

  • NPS Metadata Tools and Editor application (version 1.1).
    Tools to edit, import, export, fix, search, and catalog metadata. Edits NPS and Biological Profile metadata. Works both in ArcGIS and as a stand-alone application. [NOTE: The NPS Metadata Tools and Editor is maintained by the Natural Resource Stewardship and Science office in Ft. Collins, CO. As of June 2010, the Metadata Tools and Editor has not be fully tested in ArcGIS 9.3.1]

  • Metadata Browser Add-in for MS Access (2000 and XP).
    Metadata viewer for personal geodatabases within Access.

  • NPS Grid Tools Extension for ArcGIS.
    Tools to create sampling or map book grids.

  • NPS Custom Controls for ArcGIS 8 & 9.
    Several ArcCatalog custom controls designed to aid in the process of creating and maintaining personal Geodatabases.

  • Applications we use:

  • Assistance for remote installation of ArcGIS software.


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Last Modified: 05/25/2017